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About Aircraft Management

Owning and maintaining a private jet is a lot of work. Most aircraft owners have more valuable uses for their time than managing the trip expenses, maintenance, pilot crewing, refueling, hangar storage and cleaning of their plane.

Axis Jet offers the best aircraft management services in Northern California and beyond. In response to customer demand we developed a management division that has developed a reputation for excellence in customer service. When you choose Axis Jet to manage your aircraft, you can relax and enjoy carefree aircraft ownership with the knowledge that your plane is in the hands of experienced professionals.

Financial accountability as your aviation partner

Many companies struggle to provide streamlined, accurate accounting for their jet management clients. Not Axis Jet. We have a reputation for superior service when it comes to scheduling and financial statements.

Owners can review their aircraft flight activity and request a trip by phone, email, or through a secure website. Our team can arrange all the details, including ground transportation, hotels, meeting rooms, catering, and anything else you may need. We will also provide a complete and detailed itinerary for every trip.

Financial statements come on time on the 5th business day of each month. These simple-to-read and accurate reports are emailed in an Excel or PDF format.

Other private jet management services include:

We're proud to offer personalized management solutions designed to maximize your mission and ownership experience. From hiring flight crews to coordinating maintenance, we're in the aviation business so you don't have to be.

Ready for a new level of aircraft management? Let's talk.