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Private Jet Consulting

Aviation is a journey.  It may begin with a block-time purchase of charter.  Perhaps it will end with a purchase of a near-new mid-range jet.  Often, it includes a global search for the right aircraft to acquire for your mission now.  Years later, it may require a sale when that need changes.  Along the way, our professional aviation specialists are here to guide and protect you. Contact us today to find out how we can set you on the best aviation heading. Email: or call 916-391-5000. 

Our Services Include:

Private Jet Consulting

Corporate Travel Assessments: Complete analysis of your company's most cost-effective travel solutions comparing airlines, aircraft charter, fractional purchase, aircraft lease or aircraft acquisition. New Aircraft Purchase Representation: If you decide to enjoy the benefits of new aircraft ownership, we'll walk you through the process and serve as your representative negotiating and overseeing your aircraft completion with the manufacturer.

Asset Management Consultation: Whether you decide to manage your aircraft yourself, with Axis Jet or another provider, we can connect you with tax professionals, maintenance providers, pilot crews, hangar facilities, aircraft loans and leasing.

Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft Selection: We analyze your mission, flying profile and budget to recommend the model aircraft, year and equipment that will best suit your needs.

Market Search: Our industry relationships and real-time data far exceeds the market search capable of the web or an individual buyer. Access to the global marketplace, aircraft that aren't yet listed and current aircraft owners, assures we'll uncover a hidden treasure.

Aircraft Evaluation: Time to zero-in on each aircraft by evaluating airframe, engine, component times and inspection status. Avionics, damage, service compliance and genealogy.
Technical Review and Market Valuation: This is the most important service that will minimize the risks associated with purchasing an aircraft. We have the experience to define the workscope to get the max value out of a pre-purchase inspection and avoid costly items that could be easily overlooked.

Offer Price and Negotiation: Remember, we're on your side. As your representative, we'll help define a reasonable purchase price and negotiate on your behalf.

Documentation and Closing: It's not done until the last "i" is dotted and "t" crossed with the FAA, title companies, finance divisions and associated parties.

Jet Sales and Brokerage Services

Market Evaluation: To establish a fair asking price for your aircraft, we provide a market evaluation, including Blue Book/Vref analysis, market trends and competitive review.

On-site inspection: Conduct an up-close and personal inspection of the aircraft and an in-depth log book review.
Specifications and Virtual Tour- We develop an accurate and detailed spec sheet and obtain up-to-date photos and represent the aircraft in a virtual tour.

Launch: In most cases, we utilize industry subscribed services to broadcast the aircraft as new to the market -- targeting brokers with clients in search of your model aircraft.

Marketing: Our ongoing resale advertising efforts inform prospective buyers about your aircraft and generate responses from around the world.

Activity: Our responses to prospective buyers are handled in a timely and professional manner 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Offer Price and Negotiation: Again, we're on your side. As your representative, we'll help define a reasonable selling price and negotiate on your behalf.

Documentation and Closing: All selling and transfer documents and monies will be handled by our experienced sales administrator.