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Management Team

Amber Pancaro

Flight Coordinator Manager

Amber began working in charter airline operations in 2012 and is an FAA certified Aircraft Dispatcher. She began her career with XOJET, where she quickly moved up to a supervisory position overseeing a team of Flight Operations Analysts. She has extensive experience in managing IROP situations, including managing and mitigating weather or Air Traffic delays, addressing aircraft performance questions, as well as planning and management of severe weather events and major sporting events. She joined the team at Jet Edge International in 2018 with an interest in expanding her experience into global operations. There she developed a daily fleet weather report, providing guidance to crews and clients on upcoming weather and Air Traffic flow events. She joined the Axis Jet team in 2019 to grow her knowledge of the Charter Sales aspect of private aviation. Amber has a passion for supporting crew members from the ground, and for ensuring a successful flight for her clients with as few surprises as possible.